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10 Tips for Combating Computer Vision Syndrome

Do your eyes get blurry when you look at your cellphone? Are you constantly straining to see your computer at work? Do you have dry eyes or a sore neck? You may have computer vision syndrome. Keep reading to learn some tips for combating it.

Nov 14th, 2018
How to Prevent Eye Infections from Contact Lenses

One million Americans are treated for eye infections every year, and you may be surprised to learn that contact lenses are the most common culprit. Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to prevent these common eye infections.

Oct 16th, 2018
Got 20/20 Vision? Why You Still Need a Comprehensive Eye Exam

Comprehensive eye exams aren’t just about your vision. These tests, performed by optometrist Dr. Jacob West, can reveal important clues about other diseases and conditions in your body. Regular eye exams are part of your overall health monitoring.

Aug 27th, 2018