- Dr. West treats a variety of red and pink eye symptoms, a few of the most common causes of ocular irritation are listed below.



Bacterial, viral, and or allergic conjunctivitis can cause irritation presenting as watery, red irritated eyes. Often a small amount of discharge is noted. Treatment usually consists of steroids or combination steroid antibiotic ocular pharmaceuticals.

-Dry Eye:

Sandy, itchy, watery, dryness, and redness are the symptoms associated with dry eye. Dry eye can be caused by several factors including environmental and hormonal changes, medications, contact lens irritation, and poor hygiene among others. Dr West uses special dyes to determine the type of dry eye you have and treats the symptoms accordingly.  

-Foreign body:

A foreign body in the eye is any substance or material that does not belong on, or in the ocular surface. The ocular tissue will try and fight this foreign ocular invader with a cascade of inflammatory and immune responses that will cause painful irritated ocular tissue until the substance is removed. Several techniques and tools can be used to remove these objects depending on location and the depth of the foreign body.


Glaucoma is painless and silent in 90% of the cases. Glaucoma can alter vision and lifestyle by damaging nerve fiber layer. This can decrease peripheral vision and can eventually lead to blindness. Increased ocular pressure and other factors lead to the loss of peripheral vision in glaucomatous optic atrophy.

Treatment consists of ocular pressure medications and or laser/surgical  treatments when needed